We know that vLeader is a bit different to anything you've used before in education. So if you come to this solution after you've got a little annoyed at the program - just breathe. 

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the workbook from the portal Dashboard associated with your class. The workbook is really helpful and your professor is counting on you using it.

vLeader simulates a conversation but instead of the program waiting for you to speak, you have to decide when you would like your character to speak for you. 

Using vLeader is helping you with a process of thought which will take time. Your curiosity about where and when you speak and the impact that has on the conversation is will teach you a life-skill.

So as a character you are looking at is speaking, if you want to speak next, just click on one of the red/green bars which alerts your character to speak at the next opportunity, and they will. Some things to remember:

  • your character may not speak immediately, they will wait for whoever is speaking to finish what they are saying
  • your character will say something based upon where you click, so if you want to be supportive of an idea, click in the green area under that idea; negative about an individual, red in the bar in that person
  • your character may not say something you might normally say, don't worry, the characters are only impacted by the positive/negative aspect of the dialog

In real life, leaders have to work out how they can be heard, and how they can move a decision to the most beneficial outcome for the group. Just telling everyone what to do is one choice but this very often fails in the real world because people don't feel heard, don't feel lie they are contributing, or don't feel their contributions are meaningful. So a leader has to be patient, empathetic and allow others in the team to be empowered, so that the best results occur.